The MakTie story

It simply started at work. All my colleagues – managers, directors, designers – wore ties in the office. I’m a site engineer so split my time equally between the office and working onsite. My job requires a lot of activity and wearing a tie was uncomfortable and problematic when it came to being active.

Not wearing a tie wasn’t an option but its uncontrolled movement was a concern for me. I considered the safety implications around machinery, the awkwardness of it blowing around in the wind and just generally how conscious I was of it moving when I was. I just wanted the tie to stay still! I searched for a working solution to stabilise a tie that could be held firmly in place. That’s when I started designing a solution to help me – as well as other tie wearers.

Designing a new men’s tie

It was paramount that the solution had to be subtle but equally that the ties were of the highest standard for the most discerning of individuals. I began working with the creative team at Simple Design Works to design bespoke solutions that were meticulously tested before settling on a solution that satisfied my ambitious idea. After sourcing the finest materials and matching them with highly skilled tailors, Maktie became a reality.

Now you can buy for yourself a tie that will leave you elegantly comfortable. A tie that will add personality to any look for that sophisticated finish.